About this Toolkit

This toolkit aims to provide a practical resource for those who work on and manage buildings and estates in Hampshire, both in the design stages and for retrofits, to help assess the different adaptive measures on offer and decide which would be the most appropriate to invest in now to build resilience, reduce energy consumption and avoid costs in the longer term. Local case studies and contact are also provided.

This toolkit should ideally be used in conjunction with a thorough risk assessment process, to identify the key climate risks to the building and which of the measures should be employed.

This toolkit has been designed and produced in Partnership between Hampshire County Council, Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust, University of Winchester and Winchester City Council.

There are a range of tools available which help a building owner/manager to carry out climate related risks assessments including one from Hampshire County Council which can be accessed here.

However, many of the measures included in the toolkit are either ‘no regret’ in that they are cost-effective under current climate conditions and are consistent with addressing risks of a changing climate, or ‘low-regret’, e.g. they are low cost and provide relatively large benefits under predicted future climates.

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