Hana Hosaka Portfolio

Portfolio Y3S2


Aim & Branding

This second game app is stacking game, players collect crefully in the basket fallingchocolates. The reason why I tried to develop this game is, to learn and improve skills of physics in Swift, and I wanted to eat chocolate when I was planning and designing new mobile game.
This is the icon of this reversi app. I think I could design this chocolate looks cute.

Primary Research & Initial Ideas

Main Development

Before starting create this stack game, I imported SpriteKit and define it into ViewController.swift because there are already UIKit framework but no SpriteKit. Also make it that paste scene when View is read.

Next, in didMove method, make a gravity to down direction. Up direction is "+", so this y direction should have "-". Also, let the physicBody system when the chocolate shape contact lowestshape, to make gameover.

finger-touching and sliding. Override function touchesBegan and touchesMoved will make it possible. [if let touch = (touches as NSSet).anyObject()as? UITouche { ] make sure to collect only one finger position.


The initial idea of this game was not bad, however the graphic design is not like a professional... I will make sure to take much more time next time.
The Main Reference
How to Make a Game Like Stack
iOS Memory Game - Swift4