Hana Hosaka Portfolio

Portfolio Y3S2


Aim & Branding

This first project in semester2 aimed to understand how develop reversi app (without AI) with Swift on Xcode. The reason why I choose reversi game application as a project in semester2 is, my final achievement is creating simple AI with mobile game. Reversi is one of the best thing to challenge my goal.
This is the icon of this reversi app. This game is my first thing so tried to make simple.

Primary Research & Initial Ideas

Main Development

Firstly put the variable of Black and White reversi tips on stage. Here, put "1" as a White stone, "-1" as a Black stone and "0" as empty. Then use loop counters like "i", "j" to make numbers, it will allow make sure which button was pushed.

Next, create the rabels and put into view, this view will show which turn it is now and each scores. Then think about switching black and white tips, by separated case1 and case2. Case1 is that black turns into white, Case2 is that white turns into black.


It was good to learn reversi basic system, and ready to next step... reversi2 which is available to match with computer on app.
The Main Reference
REVERSI in Pyhon
Reversi - An elegant A/B testing framework for iOS in Swift