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What is a Judicial scrivener?

In Japan, judicial scriveners (shihō shoshi) are authorized to represent their clients in real estate registrations, commercial registrations (e.g. the incorporation of companies), preparation of court documents and filings with legal affairs bureaus. Judicial scriveners may also represent clients in summary courts, arbitration and mediation proceedings, but are not allowed to represent clients in district courts or more advanced stages of litigation. The more familiar term "solicitor" is also sometimes used to refer to them, although the division of responsibilities is not the same as between solicitors and barristers in the English legal system. The term "judicial scrivener", while somewhat archaic in tone, is a fairly accurate literal translation of the Japanese term.

About us

Our firm (judicial scriveners/Shiho-shosh) is a one-stop legal service provider, offering specialist knowledge in establishing business operations companies in Japan. Whether you are at the initial planning stage of your business venture or the implementation phase and beyond, we have the expertise and experience to: draft your legal documents, assist with all your real estate, corporate registration, product licensing and immigration needs.

What do we do?

Business Services

1.Experience and Commitment to Clients’ Needs

We are fully qualified to set up all types of businesses in Japan with over 10 years of experience in the field.A&C and its affiliated partners offer superlative expertise in advising on corporate, real estate, and tax matters.

2.Documentation and Translation Services

We have the experience to expeditiously prepare the documentation that must be filed with various tax, registration, and other governmental offices.We avoid lag time which can accompany bilingual communication by translating the relevant documentation into native, legally accurate English. With our experience and your cooperation, we can avoid the time-consuming Japanese process and set up your company within two months.

3.Services Related to Continuation of Business and Other Services

We draft and file documentation in English and Japanese when changes occur in your business.We have experience in real estate transactions and obtaining permission or licenses for various business identities.

Real Estate transaction

1.Title Research on the Property

We can offer in depth title research under Japan’s two title registries: one for land and one for improvements on land such as buildings.Since title registries are separate, land can be encumbered even though an improvement such as a building on the land has good title.Careful research of both registries is necessary to understand the overall title condition of the property and to find properties with clean and clear land (and improvements, if applicable).

2.Closing Documents

We handle preparation and finalization of required legal documents for closing such as Sales and Purchase Agreement and Titles/Deeds. Just prior to closing an extensive and final review of all documents is completed to ensure accuracy and a smooth closing.


Q: Are there any restrictions on non-Japanese buying estate in Japan?
A: Since there is no nationality restriction on the purchase of real estate in Japan, both can be available.

Q: Are there any limits to the acquisition of real estate in Japan for non- residents of Japan?
A: There is no legal limit, so they can freely buy or sell real estate in Japan.

Q: Is there any required time period for ownership of real estate in Japan?
A: There is no such limitation on real estate ownership under Japanese law.

Q: Who should I ask to get the registration in Japan?
A: Shiho-Shoshi lawyer will handle this in Japan.



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