Hana Hosaka Portfolio

Portfolio Y3S2

Hello, I'm Hana Hosaka studying Digital Media. This portfolio includes Development works & Client Project, Printed Portfolio, About me (Live CV, NLT2).

DM3104 - Student Development Work

Developing Game Applications

サンプル REVERSI  

For this first project in Semester 2 I created a Reversi app using Xcode with Swift for a student's development work. This is for two players, played on 8x8 uncheckered board.


This second project is a chocolate stacking game.

サンプル REVERSI 2

This mobile game is second version of REVERSI I have created before. The main difference between REVERSI and REVERSI 2 is, the match of REVERSI 2 is with computer with simple AI.

Client Project

In this semester, I did the work placements taken place and arrange projects same as last semester. I have continued to recreate company's website such as to create the Keyword Search Box, and common questions from people from other countries then create Q&A in English, asked an owner who has a Judicial Solicitor Office.

Client Project  

DM3110 - Professional Portfolio Practice

Printed Portfolio

In this semester, we challenged to create a professional prtfolio what is a great way to showcase our best work, and highlight our involvement in challenging projects.

About Me - Live CV, Updated NLT2