About me

Hi, my name is Jana Strakova and I'm currently studying Digital Media Design at University of Winchester.
I am from Czech Republic and I was previously studying Art, Management and Economics on my secondary school in Brno. I love drawing and creating and designing in Photoshop. One year ago, I bought old russian lens called Helios and I have been using it with my Nikon camera. It is really tricky to take pictures with it, because I have to focus manually and the depth of field is low, but then it's even more satisfying when the picture looks good! I have been also learning to draw with wacom graphic tablet recently.
Since the start of the first semester of Digital Media Design course, I have been learning how to code with Html and Css using software called Sublime Text.. and that's how this page came to life!
One day, I would love to work in gaming industry, as a concept artist or character designer.