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Digital, Traditional and Development projects by Ryan Malzard

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Pauls weekly projects

Here are all my weekly projects

During the semester Paul set us weekly tasks that involved designing different types of digital content.

golden rule poster Portsmouth typography poster Venice typography poster New York typography poster Sydney typography poster Spider face Winchester sketches Winchester sketches Portsmouth poster

Middle Brook Street Website

This project contains all the work I did for the Middle Brook Street website.

I worked on some of the designs for the website which then got sent off to have the shortened information added by other team members. During the project the website went through multiple phases and designs which can be seen here:

mgs bad mgs bad mgs bad mgs bad mgs bad mgs bad mgs bad mgs bad mgs bad mgs bad mgs bad mgs bad mgs bad mgs bad mgs bad mgs bad mgs bad mgs bad mgs bad mgs bad mgs bad mgs bad

We ended up not using any of these and switched to a similar format to the original except with new colours, logo, and text. That version ended up being prototyped in XD with functioning timeline sliders.

Here is the Handover/Brand guidelines document

Brand guidelines.

Transmedia Video Game

This project contains all the work I did for the Transmedia end of year shows video game.

I worked as the character designer for the game as well as the menu designer.

Ryan Game Sketch Danny Game Sketch Combat Game Sketch Game Sketch Dank Tank More Sketches Ryan Game Danny Game Lewis Game James Game Sam Game Steve Game Paul Game Debs Game Debs Cart Ryan Splash art Ryan Splash art 2 James Splash art Start screen Options screen Poster Selection draft Selection screen Selection screen 2 Stage screen 1 Stage screen 2 Stage screen 3 Health bar Train

Social Media Campaign

This project contains my work towards my social media campaign.

I’m going to create a campaign to sell myself and my own created content. This content will include my illustrated work, as well as my written modules for tabletop games, plus my other narrative work like short stories, tutorials etc. My content is targeted towards people who play video games and tabletop games. In order to reach out to this group of people, I am going to use Instagram, Twitter and Discord as my main Social media websites. This is because I have a following on Discord with this audience already, which I can grow. Instagram is the best site for photos and artwork and because of its hashtag system it will be easy to get content seen through people’s feeds.

Twitter also has a similar hashtag function, and it’s already used by similar content creators meaning that this content is constantly being searched for. To get people to interact and follow the social media campaign, I’m going to be asking for requests for character art and game modules and choosing one at random per week to make and publish on Instagram, Twitter, and Discord.

Instagram and Twitter are good places for the audience to see the work, and Discord is a great platform for creating a loyal audience that comes back for more content due to its rolls system, voice chat and text chat, and moderator statuses. So the idea is to build an audience through a select few loyal members, and have it spread out with the use of promised weekly personalised content.

The tone of voice and brand for this campaign is very similar to becoming a teacher. The image is going to be approachable, open to questions and polite yet casual as if talking with a friend. With a focus on teaching people how to either create NPC’s with modules, or helping them create artwork for their games. Promoting and encouraging creativity within the audience is the core value of the campaign voice.

Schedule- Instagram- Content post per week. Twitter- Retweet similar content every other day and tweet every day. Discord- Respond every day, as fast as possible to questions and check requests every week.

Visit the Instagram Page.

RSA Project- Haptic Feedback Glove

This project is my response to the RSA brief "Alone Together".

I decided to respond to the brief with a product that is targeted towards young adults from the ranges of 18-30. I designed a glove that uses haptic feedback technology to help people who lack physical contact in their lives can make closer connections with people.

Hero image

Cor's Gate

This project contains all my work for my Educational video game assignment.

My team and I decided to build a retro RPG style game that focused on teaching kids and teenagers about global warming. I worked as the developer and character concept artist on the team, as well as the lead writer. The player meets a group of other adventurers who rely on the environment to survive. A group of bandits turned businessmen have begun mining a magical resource called “Corium” to power machines to build a tower into the sky to reach “Cor’s Gate” a large hole in the sky which is said to lead to another world. The machines have caused Corium pollution that threatens to destroy the player and NPCs homes. The Player must fight and clean the Corium spills and reach the tower to prevent the Leader Lucille from activating it. This is meant to reflect the use of crude oil, its effect on people and the hole in the Ozone layer. Click on the link to download the Cor's Gate demo!

Download the Cor demo!

Here's the concept work I did towards the game:

Dist Breaker concept art Evil Dist Breaker Marina Stick grabbing Dists ear Cor's Gate World map Aetheria work in progress Aetheria Fizzy unfinished Marina sketch marina finished Dist unfinished real Dist new Dist mini Dist poster sludge enemy combat art in game art storyboard opposites test animation Lucille

Here's the development work I did:

Collision above town Csharp load area Tavern

Nav Glasses

This project contains all my work for my Mobile project.

The Nav glasses are a pair of normal looking stylish glasses that help users find and make their own paths. I worked on the team as the researcher into fashionable glasses trends as well as the designer and initial concept artist. The glasses are able to show users a path as well as icons that tell them how far away interesting locations are. They can even be used to help them in sporting activities and hiking.

designer designer flatplan Detachable HUD1 HUD2

Eagle Vision

This project contains all my work for my Interactive project.

The Eagle Vision is a 3D environment that the user can interact with and view. I worked on the team as the lead designer for the logo, HUD design and concept art. It also incorporates a birds eye view that allows users to have an overview and select which stalls they wish to see. It also has options like selecting favourites, rating stalls, recommendeding stalls and a highlighting system. The highlighting system allows the user to select the stalls they are most interested in and create a path towards them.

logo designs nav menu Options rating Eagle

Green Spaces

This was a client based app project.

I worked as the designer in my group for the app and created what the app was going to look like.

App sketch OG Green spaces old login page new login page Old logos New sketch 1 New sketch2 New sketch 3 New Green spaces New Green spaces journal New Green spaces gs New Green spaces map New Green spaces exercise page New Green spaces timer GS icon
Click to see the paper prototype.
Click to see the XD prototype.