Alien Art

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Branding & Logo design

The first step I took when approaching this project was to work on my Branding and Logo. I believe this is the best starting point as it creates the identity you wish to portray through your work. As you know from this website I ended up going with the name; Alien Artwork, there is a reasoning behind the decision that I will explain later on. Below you will see different logos and the process of reaching the final design.

Play 4 Fun logos:

The logos you can see here were made for a friend of mine who has a YouTube channel called 'Play 4 Fun'. Over the summer he had requested I design some logos that he could use for his channel. I did a mixture of designs in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Draw. They can be found below. Just click the thumbnails for a fullscreen view;

Macrina Investment Management logos:

The Macrina Investment Management was a two part project. First I designed the logo with the client on the basis of what they had requested of me. After some work and edits we achieved the final result which can be seen below alongside some of the previous designs we played around with.

The second part to this job was a website to be built for the client. We used the logo designs to design the website which is now live, you can see it at

Logos can be enlarged, just click the thumbnail!

My Logos:

As well as the designs you have seen above, which were done for clients, I also had to design the logo for this brand Alien Art and I also decided to work on another brand which I would use for the work I am doing in collaboration with a friend. These examples below are what I thought of for the final idea to go with for my own brand, the choice was between Illuminati Ilustration or Alien Art;

Whereas the examples above are for my own art brand, I also started work on a collaborative brand for me and a friend. We are working on several animated projects together. He writes the scripts and deals with SFX as well as music production. I on the other hand do the Character designs, background art and animation. We devised a logo that mixes our two brands together and came up with the following ideas. The name is an acronym; AWC standing for ‘Alien Wolf Crew’. This combines my Alien Art and his Lion & Wolf brand ideas. Here are the designs: