Alien Art

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Character Design

When looking over the process of creating an animation, I would say that my favortire part is definitley the character design side of things. The research and creativity that is poured into some of the characters we, see is remarkable. A great example of this would be Disney for example or a different genre of animation that does this very well aslo is anime. The key to good character design is a balance between research and design. The more meaning and thought that is put into each character, the richer the characters personality will become.


In this section I wanted to include some of my Anime style character designs. The designs you will see below are actually designs I had originally jotted down many years ago when i first started gaining a interest in thi art form. As part of this project I thought it would be interesting to revive some of my old ideas that had ended up in the back of a notebook somewhere, here are the results;

Traditional Cartoon:

The character designs you will see in this section are more traditional and simplistic cartoon styles. Above you saw examples of reproduced anime designs that I had done when I was about 16. Having grown older I have developed more of an affection for traditional cartoon design. Below you can find examples of characters I have designed for my Masters degree projects in semester 2 as well as other characters that I have designed for my independent work in animation, take a look;